Pang Ol, Ith Khom and Pich Nheop are former leprosy patients with disabilities. Like many people affected by leprosy, they lived in dilapidated houses that were not weatherproof. They do not have the physical, technical and financial means to build a quality home.


it was found by the CIOMAL team on the river, in a boat.
CIOMAL teams treated him at the Kieng Kleng center until the center was transferred to the Cambodian authorities. Pang Ol is a former leprosy patient. He lives with many disabilities including fingers and eyes and had to have his left leg amputated. He suffered discrimination from villagers and family members who left him alone in the river.
Pang Ol was alone, hopeless, homeless, and did not know how to survive until he met the CIOMAL teams.
In 2020, the CIOMAL Foundation built him a new home where he
lives today. He would like to thank CIOMAL for supporting him and helping him with the problems of discrimination. His life is now better but he still has problems with water supply.
Buying drinking water is very expensive. The CIOMAL Foundation has provided him with a well that allows him to survive.

Ith Khom is a former leprosy patient with hand and foot disabilities. She is a hardworking woman who raises cows in Kompong Thom province. She used to live with her mother in an old dilapidated house. Her life was very difficult at that time. With the support of CIOMAL, she was able to build a new permanent home that brings her warmth and happiness.

Pich Nheob lives with many hand and foot disabilities.She and her husband work daily as farm laborers when the villagers hire them or collect beer cans for recycling at festivals. They have no land to grow an orchard, but the villagers lend them a plot of land so that they can grow vegetables. They fish during the rainy season for their daily food.

The CIOMAL Foundation helped them to renovate their house and toilets. They also received a cow on loan which will give birth to a calf. The calf will belong to them.

Pang Ol in front of his house with his cow and the well.

Ith Khom in front of his old house

Construction of a toilet for the family of Pich Nheob


People affected by leprosy suffer from terrible discrimination and unjust isolation.
Patients often do not have access to drug treatments because they are too expensive for them. Even a small donation can help provide the necessary treatment and give people affected by leprosy a new life.