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Trainings are present in all CIOMAL projects and represent an essential activity in the fight against leprosy. These trainings are intended for specialists, local professionals, students and future professionals as well as patients.

CIOMAL’s multidisciplinary team also receives an annual training – expat surgeons who intervene during patient surgeries train local surgeons. The staff of the National Leprosy Elimination Programme also receives training at all levels.


KKLRC is recognized as a training center of excellence in Cambodia

In cooperation with the University of Health Sciences, clinical techniques and practical activities – learning by doing – have been integrated into the university curriculum of the students. Fifth year students in medicine and physiotherapy participate in this class, which takes place at the Kien Khleang center over 10 days, 3 hours a day.

Provincial and district level leprosy supervisors also receive this training.

CIOMAL has contributed to the training of a dermatology specialist trained in Vietnam, Dr. Molyva, who is currently in charge of the dermatology consultations at KKLRC. She herself is involved in the training of other dermatologists in Phnom Penh as well as the classes taught to the students.

A reconstructive surgery specialist, Dr. Sina, has been trained and continues to benefit from the expertise of the surgeons who come to operate at KKLRC. He was therefore able to develop excellent skills adapted to the specificities of leprosy.


In 2017, 83 medical students of the University of Health and Sciences (UHS) were trained 20 days on theory and practice of ‘Leprosy Clinical Techniques’, at KKLRC; 15 dermatology interns had 2 months of dermatology internship at KKLRC; 12 physiotherapy students of Technical School for Medical Care (TSMC) were trained 10 days on theory and practice of ‘Leprosy Clinical Techniques’, at KKLRC; 21 Provincial and Operational District Leprosy Supervisors were trained one week on practice of ‘Leprosy Clinical Techniques’.

CIOMAL provides patients with trainings on various fields but also as active members of the KKLRC team. Some become full-fledged employees and make their own contribution to self-care or literacy trainings, providing advice and helping leprosy patients regain stronger self-confidence.

CIOMAL’s multidisciplinary team is the result of a long-term endeavor, which allows each member to acquire specific knowledge while retaining a vision that is both broad and patient-focused. CIOMAL’s team shares and exchanges its knowledge with other countries.