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Socio-Economic Rehabilitation



  • Fight poverty with sustainable and local solutions
  • Help people affected by leprosy reintegrate into their community
  • Offer people affected by leprosy the opportunity to access training (whether professional or educational) or develop an economic activity



  • Scholarship for the youngest: children affected by leprosy or living in a family with a parent affected by leprosy
  • Professional training for adults
  • Financial support for the development of an economic activity (pig or chicken farming, small grocery store, etc.)
  • Economic support for the most vulnerable and disabled persons (food support or building of housing)


The economic and social rehabilitation program implemented by CIOMAL allows people affected by leprosy and their relatives to recover a financial and social situation. CIOMAL makes available to former patients a financial aid to start their own business: pig farming, market gardening, a store or small restaurant, waste recycling. Loans are usually USD 150 to 300 and offer these people a chance to live an independent life, thrive and start a family.

Under this program, a rehabilitation loan contract is formed between CIOMAL and the patient. Two clauses are essential: the patient must take care of him/herself – follow CIOMAL’s medical and health advice – and he/she must reimburse the loan within a reasonable period so the money can be reallocated to another person. Through regular field visits, CIOMAL staff follows the progress of beneficiaries and provides them with the appropriate assistance.

In addition to this social work, the team also provides psychological support to help the patient recover their self-confidence and overcome discrimination-related challenges. These field visits also provide the opportunity to review the person’s health, identify potential new cases among their relatives and friends, do prevention work by reminding the community of the characteristics of the disease.


In 2017, CIOMAL provided :

  • Sponsorship to3 students studying in university. One dropped out of the university.
  • Sponsorship to21 students studing in primary and secondary level.
  • Vocational training grants to 2 young people. One dropped.
  • 5 house building and 2 house repair to 7 PAL and their families.
  • Food support to 13 destitute people affected by leprosy with severe disabilities.
  • Food support to 3 PAL during their stay in KKLRC for surgery.
  • • Loans to 5 PAL to establish their own business.