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  • Traquer les nouveaux cas de lèpre


    Detecting New Cases of Leprosy to Curb the Disease

    The CIOMAL Foundation has been active in the fight against leprosy in Cambodia for over 25 years. Its work is centered around the early detection of new leprosy cases so that those affected may be treated as soon as the first signs of the disease appear and thus avoid permanent scars. “The most horrible thing […]

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  • Bulletin Des mariés qui défient les préjugés:Accueil des invités - CIOMAL


    Newlyweds Standing Up To Prejudice

    Soknim and Vanthi both bear the scars of leprosy and decided to hold a beautiful wedding in order to be fully accepted by their community. On a beautiful but sweltering day in April, Soknim and Vanthi arrived at the Kien Khleang Rehabilitation Center in Phnom Penh. They came to invite the CIOMAL staff to their […]

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  • Miss Cambodia-Worldleprosyday Bulletin 142 : Des Miss sans peur et sans reproche face à la lèpre


    Beauty Contestants Show No Fear or Blame In The Face of Leprosy

    For the 66th World Leprosy Day, the CIOMAL Foundation organised an open house morning in Phnom Penh on 30th January. Two hundred visitors joined the event, including university students and professors, representatives of national and international org anisations, as well as about one hundred people affected by leprosy. Opened in 2000 on the island situated […]

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  • 10.12.2018

    Utility Vehicles To Fight Leprosy

    All year round, CIOMAL’s teams travel the provinces of Cambodia to fight leprosy and help those affected and their families live decent lives. Robust sturdy vehicles are indispensable to their mission. For over 25 years, CIOMAL’s teams have crisscrossed Cambodia to be as close as possible to those affected by leprosy and their families, who […]

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